The Journey Home

Pomona Ca to Daytona Beach

After a 12 hour day at an AMA Pro Grand National it is likely you will wake up a little later the following morning. I did.

After coffee, a shower and breakfast it appeared I was on track to be firing up the Kymco at 11 am. Perfect. Just what I had hoped to do. Then…the cell phone rang and it was Bob Bellino. Bob is the founder of Circle Bell and one of the founders of one of the finest families I have ever known. He also happens to be a lifelong flat track addict such as myself. I chose announcing after racing, he chose promoting. Turns out he has a serious knack for knowing what his customer base wants and he delivers.

Bob: Want to do coffee?

Me: Yep!

Bob: See you in 20.

Coffee at the hotel was perfect if just a bit brief. Still great to see Bob anytime but especially out enjoying his beautiful 2003 100th Anniversary FLSTC Heritage Softtail Classic resplendent in it’s Saddlemen saddlebags.

So at 12:00 straight up I fired up the Xciting 500Ri and followed Bob out to I-10 To I-15 where he chose to head to his daughter’s house. I continued on I-10 East. It is 2,380 miles from that point to Jacksonville then another 89 miles down the coastal highway A1A and Home. Beautiful cool day, full sunshine, LA in the rear view mirror and I felt really good about being on the road and East bound. Sending the potentially deceased Dell laptop home along with electronics and clothing I would not require over the next 2500 to 3000 miles on to my house, the Kymco weighed about 70 lbs less. That’s a lot. :-). The newly installed Laminar Lip bonded nicely with the Kymco factory touring windshield. I had to flip my ashes out in the flow. It was that still. So…John Wayne smoked and I stayed in his room last week at El Rancho in Gallup, NM. It.s ok.

Three tanks of fuel and 350 miles later it was 6 pm in Phoenix Arizona and I was there. Hello Hotwire…$119 room at the Sheraton for $53 sounds about right to me. Sold.

Perhaps El Paso would be a fun goal for tomorrow. Just about 450. That would leave me two 600 mile days from home if I continue at the 80 mph pace I ran today. Oh…forgot to tell you that for the first time in 3000 miles on this trip I had a strong tailwind. For a minute there I thought the Dodge Bros bumped my 500 up to an XR750. With the Laminar it is now so quiet that I can hear that sweet little 500 single. Well…if I have to explain you really wouldn’t understand. It still has a good bit more Imagestick at 80 and doesn’t appear to be straining one bit. Hey…I did change oil and filter on my only day off the bike in a good while.

Tomorrow El Paso or points further East. Unless I choose to do some TLO (I like that Denny S.) along the Us/Mexico border.

This whole blogging thing is weird. Does anybody ever read this dribble?

Phoenix to………

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One Response to The Journey Home

  1. Wanda Corbin says:

    I do…I am enjoying your blog to the max. Just wish I could do that ride!

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