Friday, 10/18 – Houston Tx to Daytona Beach

This country is vast. Riding to the West Coast on I-40/Route 66 all the way to Cali and riding home on I-10 from Cali to Daytona truly illustrates just how big America truly is.

This is my 5th season to wrap up the racing year with a coast to coast to coast ride to Los Angeles. It is a perfect time to reflect on the season that has ended and the one that lies ahead. That is partly why this has become an annual ride for me. Each year I am afforded the opportunity to announce/broadcast professional motorcycle races at the best race tracks the USA has to offer. The road crew staff at AMA Pro is a hard working dedicated group of highly specialized individuals who work from the heart for the good of the sport that we all love. No one is ever going to get wealthy doing what we do yet few are as richly rewarded. To be surrounded by professional motorcycle racers forces you to raise your game as a rider. Watching them do the seemingly impossible  end and week out proves the motorcycle is way more capable than I am. I am learning to trust the machine and especially the tires.

Writing this simple blog has been fun to do. I truly hope that some of you have enjoyed my mindless dribble. I also hope it encourages you to get put there and ride no matter what is your motorcycle of choice.

I would be remiss if I didn’t take the time to thank the good people at Kymco USA for the opportunity to ride that sweet little 500 and forgiving me a forum to discuss my ride with all of you. Never forget to take time to “choose your own path”.

See you on the road or at the track! Gotta run now. Headed to Main Street on the scooter!

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