Tuesday, April 1 – Daytona Bike Week

Motorcycle Hall of Fame member Craig Vetter, best known for his wildly successful Windjammer Fairings as well as numerous motorcycle designs, will be the featured speaker at AMA Breakfast on Friday. While attending Bike Week and seeing the sights around Florida, Craig is riding a KYMCO Xciting 500Ri ABS.


He noted that he’s always been a big fan of scooters, and that the KYMCO he is riding is more powerful than his typical ride. Vetter organized a 77-mile Demo Economy Run on Wednesday, and he was impressed by both the performance and the mileage delivered by the 500. The 12-person ride included his wife Carol, several experienced Vetter Economy Run Veterans, as well as several riders who were learning more about the competition. Craig believes that streamlined scooters, delivering well over 100 mpg while carrying a rider and substantial cargo, can be one of the contributors to America’s energy independence.

Craig and Carol plan to travel the peninsula of the state from Jacksonville to Stuart, participating in a variety of activities and spending time with friends he has made over the years. Vetter is a 2-time Riding Into History Grand Marshal, and he and Carol won the prestigious Dusty Miller Award for Generosity for their many charitable contributions.

Without a doubt the KYMCO Xciting 500Ri ABS is the perfect choice for zipping in and out of bike and car traffic in Daytona during bike week. It’s kind of fun filtering through packs of motorcycles and moving ahead. Having ridden motorcycles forever discovering scooters as a fun and practical urban and long distance traveling device was really cool for me.

If you see Craig on the road during Daytona Bike Week. Say hello. The man is a legendary figure in our sport but one of the most personable and genuinely nice people you will ever meet. He may attempt to convert a motorcyclist or 10 to scooters along the way so be prepared!

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